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California designers repped our state in style during New York’s design week in May. Here, find our top picks from among more than 500 exhibitors who debuted designs at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Wanted Design, and a slew of invite-only events at the city’s top showrooms.

We loved the clean look of these sleek stands, but fell even more in love with the deliberate design—meandering cord channels and hidden charging ports—of the handmade items.

If the names (Como, Riviera) don't clue you in to Navone's inspiration for the collection, the ocean hues and saturated reds should.

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent months is the rebirth of sexy sling furniture.

As a child actress negotiating life in the spotlight, Drew Barrymore felt worlds away from the realm of family crests and the privilege they symbolized.

Founder Ty Parr, one third of the True team along with Justin O’Reilly and Ken Murphy, conceived of the idea for In A Box as an itinerant 29-year-old with an apartment full of “crappy Goodwill furniture." Like everyone else his age, he was moving around a lot. “I just thought about how cool it would be if I could pack everything up into three or four boxes, throw it in a truck, and take off,” says Parr.

Check out interior designer and lifelong gypsy Sandra Espinet's design tips and don’t forget to enter your email address to win a signed copy of her book!

It takes a clever mind to integrate utilitarian USB outlets into a slim, minimalist lamp design and still make it look good—which is why I’m so glad that the creative team at Pablo met the challenge with its new Circa collection.